girls and boys

the girls don't want to pick up flowers anymore
they don't want to wear pink dresses
with puff sleeves and long, velvet bows in their hair
they don't wear mascara or highlighter anymore
and they don't feel ashamed for having periods

the girls don't want to stay at home cooking
they don't want to sacrifice their careers
for the sake of the children
they don't change their bodies for anyone anymore

the boys don't want to play football anymore
they don't want to bully the girls
with no consequence; to rape and abuse them freely
they don't want to be objectified
and feel ashamed of their body fat

the boys don't want to be strong and masculine
they don't want to hold back their tears
for the sake of the society
they don't want to treat anyone with disrespect

the girls want to play football
and have short hair
not wearing makeup
and proudly showing their scars
and the boys want to pick up flowers
and wear nail polish
with pink highlighter on their cheeks
wearing lipstick all the time

the girls want to be girls
and boys want to be boys
be everything in between
or nothing at all
but it's all in their own time
and on their own terms

niewiele nam zostawili (171018)

niewiele nam zostawili
otwarte drzwi i okno
pety w popielniczce
i starą szmatę

owacje na stojąco
i krzyki z ulicy
na pokój ogniem nam odpowiedzieli
a z człowieczeństwa po stokroć obdarli

nie było jasności

tak mało nam przeznaczyli
jak mięso od kości
oddzieleni od tłumu miasta

jak drzewo z korzeniami
jak zboże od kłosa
jak my sami sobie
rozumu po stokroć się pozbyli

wojnę nam wytoczyli
na kije i kamienie
a wszystko co po nich zostanie


and as the morning arrives (190918)

and as the morning arrives
all demons still
but they thrive

the morning as cold
as the ice you'd break
were you given a chance
- and i'm out of questions
yet open to answers

ask how my day went
but in the dawn it's all but a cup of coffee
and i can't recall
what ways you used to ruin me

as follows:
if the clock were to strike midnight
i'd see you happily
and the demons have thriven
but it's not until dawn

lies (110818)

to you i've called at night
as you told things better left untold
but so as to stop you
no one would dare

you'd had people i wish i had
and any white lie soon rots
underneath your smile

and rotten lies
muttered truths
made you go spoiled
and drowned in your own tea

but so as to call you back
as you cried out for mercy
for if the night turns to light
i would not dare

illusion soon turns to delusion
caught in your own web
but so as to let you out
no one would dare