infections? (061218)

there's a question arising as it waits to be asked
it's how much we can take as we are now
but so much of making a place for things
is we can't let go of our dirty selves

the world is no more than a brain infected
our delusion be the needle to end all of it
as we stick it inside the earth
the world can't go back to what it used to be

infections of a different kind
as the flowers die and we share their blood
may your hands never be clean for the crimes you commit
stand up against love, won't you?

but as i raise my concerns your shadow comes in
and your face is never the colour of the rainbow
just an ashtray of grey like an off-shade foundation
that i guess you never match

an extremely loud apology i win
but what's to your ugly appear if you're still a destroyer
can't care for much more than what your sight can't cover
and the world shall die at your wish

the world shall die at your wish
your negligence is catching up to you
fare you well i might and good luck with the bloodshot
i stand up for the world i stand up for generations
and you're still the foundation that didn't match

meet me halfway (041118)

meet me halfway
let's hit the town
with a beer in one hand 
and a pack of old cigarettes in the other 

lead me through the rain 
we pass everybody 
running away from the cold 
and laugh it off 

let's walk on the tramrails 
and jump back as it comes 
don't mind the beer you spill 
i open your bag 
and you open my soul to new extremes 

let's go into a bar 
grab a drink and leave 
and miss the last bus 
so we stay out for longer 

let's grab a bite at the kebab stand
and sit down on the sidewalk 
and the thunder is rumbling 
i suggest we go inside 

i suggest we go and hide 
but you run onto the road 
and embrace what may come 

meet me halfway 
meet me for a beer and a cig 
meet me as the sun goes down 
leave me as it soon comes back 

meet me to the sound of the night 
though i'm no more than just a temporary fix for you 
meet me for a beer, meet me for the night 
meet me on the tramrail
meet me, meet me halfway 

you are violent (but i love your coffee) (270418)

all things i could tell you
are none you will know
but as our coffee gets cold
won't you let me stay?

i know you don't like to drink in silence
it's no party for you to attend
and i know i said i'm well
but i am fallen
and all beyond the clouds

there's no milk in the fridge
how sweet of you to think of me
though you know i mind it not
and our cold coffee is all black

the way you yet drink in silence
i won't dare to look at you
and the aggresion and power in your eyes
make me all but die

you tell me to leave
but if i obeyed wouldn't that ruin us?
everything we've come to build together
is blamed on ways you control me

i tend to cry
you know it all too well

you've hurt me more than once
and you'll do it again
i won't call you a monster
we still have coffees to share

three two one
i think you've rid of me
and if i am all but alive
i still depend on you

so come on, love,
come with me one last time
we'll burn this city and live in another
all until the day
you've enough of me

you are violent
but i love your coffee

niewiele nam zostawili (171018)

niewiele nam zostawili
otwarte drzwi i okno
pety w popielniczce
i starą szmatę

owacje na stojąco
i krzyki z ulicy
na pokój ogniem nam odpowiedzieli
a z człowieczeństwa po stokroć obdarli

nie było jasności

tak mało nam przeznaczyli
jak mięso od kości
oddzieleni od tłumu miasta

jak drzewo z korzeniami
jak zboże od kłosa
jak my sami sobie
rozumu po stokroć się pozbyli

wojnę nam wytoczyli
na kije i kamienie
a wszystko co po nich zostanie